Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yaniv's objections

Yesterday I had a Skype discussion with a fellow named Yaniv, who claims to believe in noumena, though by the term I suspect he means something dramatically different from what Kant and others have meant, historically. It is probably best to leave that word behind for now, and try to explain his view using different terminology. Yaniv suggested that we instead posit the existence of mind-independent things, or MITs for short, and that these are no less real than experiences or ideas.

this blog is not dead

Although I have struggled to keep this blog updated, I have not forgotten it completely. However the difficulty of the topic---Berkeleyan idealism---as well as the relative rarity of opportunities for developing my views on it by discussing them with others, has resulted in long dry spells. I hope to rectify this, but in the mean time simply be aware that I will not neglect it completely.

Commentators are especially welcome! Please don't be put off by the fact that some post or another is very old. I do periodically check back, I promise!

Also, I have moved this blog from its previous address to the more aptly-named I will not move it again, however, so feel free to bookmark the new address with confidence.